Delivery label printer

Delivery Label Printer £19.99

The delivery label printer makes printing shipping labels and envelopes quick and easy. This address label software will allow you to reclaim time by importing your contact details from sites such as Paypal & eBay and printing all the labels / envelopes you need quickly and easily. The Delivery Label Printer can also import address information from a wide selection of formats including the Microsoft Office suite (Access and Excel), Text Files, HTML Files and Foxpro.
The software ships with over 1,700 pre-defined label settings, including nearly every Avery A4 and Avery stationary type, and will allow you to add your own label settings if you cannot find a match in the database. No need for Address label templates, this software will produce perfect prints every time quickly and easily more...

PHP APR Calculator

PHP APR Calculator

PHP APR Calculator classes for determining APR values of loans. These classes can be used to calculate EU APR values for any type of loan with or without fees.

This software is free to download and released under the terms of the General Public License more...

Freeware: Test SMTP


Test SMTP is a command line tool which can be used to diagnose faults with SMTP servers. This self contained tool, which should not require installation on either Windows or Linux platforms, can be run from either a sending SMTP server or receiving SMTP server to reveal many of the common misconfiguration and faults which interrupt mail flow.

This software is free to download for personal, non-commercial use. more...

Check SMTP

Check SMTP homepage - Bespoke website

Check SMTP is a email server diagnostic tool useful for quickly detecting faults which would cause otherwise legitimate mail to be rejected by mail servers on the internet. The tool produces a report on its findings, usually within 2-3 seconds of starting a check, and will check your MX records, PTR record, DNS Black List Status, SMTP Server and report on many possible Mailbox issues which may or may not be reported in Non Delivery Reports generated by your server. This tool is free for anyone to use. more...

short URL's homepage - Bespoke website

short URL is a new website which takes long and complicated URL's to generate short simple URL's for use in forums, email, IRC, twitter, etc...

The URL's remain within the database for an unusually long time for a site of this type if it is found that the link is placed on a medium which can be accessed at a later date.

More information about this new site can be found here