How to create a silent ringtone for the iPhone

Silencing the ringtone on your phone is a useful feature for call screening but by default the iPhone is not able to turn off ringtones for individual contacts. Fortunately creating a ringtone is quite simple and creating a silent tone only requires an empty sound file and iTunes.

First, to create a silent tone (download), you should create an empty sound file using a sound editor (such as Audacity). To avoid any problems with any iPhone updates I would recommend creating a file with at least 1 second of silence. Audacity itself can generate this for you by clicking on ‘Generate’ and then ‘Silence’ on the menu bar. The silent file can be in any format supported by iTunes (wave file, mp3, AAC, etc…)

Next to convert the sound file to a ring tone you should import the file into your iTunes library (Note: the maximum length for a ring tone is 40 seconds) and use iTunes to convert the file into an AAC file (right click on the file in iTunes and click ‘Create AAC Version’.

Once iTunes has created an AAC copy of the file simply drag this out onto your desktop and change the file extension to m4r (i.e. silence.m4a should be changed to silence.m4r).

Return to iTunes and delete the AAC copy of your sound file (if you do not iTunes will not import the ring tone) and then drag the ring tone file on your desktop into iTunes. Then simply import the ring tone into your iPhone!

If you’re using a silent tone for call screening its often useful to create a contact on your phone and set the ringtone for the contact to your silent ring tone. Then simply add numbers to this contact that you do not want the phone to play a tone to.

You can also download our copy of the silent ringtone by clicking here

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