PHP SoapClient Authentication

SoapClientAuth replaces the SoapClient class in PHP. This Soap Client, whose interface and operation is identical to the SoapClient class, will perform HTTP authenticaion for SOAP messages and when downloading WSDL over HTTP & HTTPS.

Out of the box PHPs SoapClient class is unable to authenticate via HTTP when downloading WSDL and is unable to authenticate to web services protected by NTLM authentication. SoapClientAuth however will authenticate to Basic, Digest and NTLM web services even if the WSDL file itself is protected by HTTP authentication.

You should use this class as you would use the SoapClient class and simply provide the username and password to the service in the options (login and password) parameter of the constructor. For Example:

$soapClient = new SoapClientAuth('',
                'login' => 'username',
                'password' => 'password'


Download SoapClientAuth

PHP 5.0

SoapClientAuth is distributed and licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Copyright tc software © 2011

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