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tc is a Hull based Computer Programmer with over 15 years experience in Software Development. He has developed countless Multi-Tear Desktop Applications and web applications for business in both the UK and abroad. Currently tc spends most of his time developing web sites / applications in PHP and desktop software in C#

Action Script 3: Scaling fonts for text in a TextField

Quite a few times in AS3 I need dynamic text in a TextField control to scale while the solution is quite simple finding the method was time consuming. Essentially we need to call setTextFormat on the TextField control for it … Continue reading

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Installing Class 1 StartSSL Certificate on Debian

To install a Class 1 StartSSL Certificate on Debian first you will need to obtain both your private key and certificate from StartSSL’s website and upload them to your server. I’d recommend that you keep both the Webserver SSL/TLS Certificate … Continue reading

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Converting to and from VB6 Date to Unix / POSIX time

Visual Basic 6 as a language may slowly be falling into disuse and is a language which is no longer supported by Microsoft but we still need to interface old and new systems from time to time. The rise of … Continue reading

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PHP SoapClient Authentication

SoapClientAuth replaces the SoapClient class in PHP. This Soap Client, whose interface and operation is identical to the SoapClient class, will perform HTTP authenticaion for SOAP messages and when downloading WSDL over HTTP & HTTPS. Out of the box PHPs … Continue reading

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Crystal Reports Redistributable Download (.NET 2005)

Redistributable installation packs for Crystal Reports as used in Visual Studio 2005. These msi’s where built from the merge modules as supplied by Business Objects, they will install the Crystal Reporting engine and assemblies required by any Applications (both Desktop … Continue reading

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How to create a silent ringtone for the iPhone

Silencing the ringtone on your phone is a useful feature for call screening but by default the iPhone is not able to turn off ringtones for individual contacts. Fortunately creating a ringtone is quite simple and creating a silent tone … Continue reading

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Capturing Return / Enter in DataGridViewTextBoxCell’s in a DataGridView

By default the DataGridView will move to the cell below whenever the user presses the return key and the only way for a user to add a new line to a text box cell, if the column’s style WrapMode has … Continue reading

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Efficient Subtotalling in MySQL

I quite often find when developing a site or an application that uses an SQL database that I have to produce multiple subtotals from a single table and/or using very complex rules and most of the time I’m trying to … Continue reading

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