G'Day mate, welcome to the Aussie browser. We had this little beauty put together to give you a taste of what its like for us in down 'ere in the outback. The poms at tc software who usually spend their time writin Bespoke software and Web Design took some time out for this new browser.

Cheers lads! Have a warm one on us!

Anywhoo you can go to any site on the tinternet you want by typing it into our super advanced address bar then just sit back and watch us ozzyfy it! Ignore the ads at the top, everyone else does, but we do have to pay for the booze.

You can click on any of the links and use the browser as you would normally - if yer can read it. Takes us down here a good 30 years before we master it.

Oh the poms also tell me this was all done in CSS with a tad of javascript to keep things stable or some bollocks. All I know its dam sight easier teaching the kids how to read stuff online instead of turning the monitor upside down!

This is a Joke page for Humor sites such as College Humor we hope you all had a laugh at this Joke page. Yes this text only exists so the AdSense knows this is a Joke page and will show Humor ads!! A Joke is a Joke and Humor is Humor

Please note this is not the offical australian google, we have just linked to google australia from a frame within this page.