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An example of the vehicle details page

Example of a valuation profile page.

An example of the vehicle details page

Example of the vehicle details page.


Best car buyer was designed to allow vehicle owners to obtain an underwritten valuation for their car quickly and easily online.

At the time it was created very few sites existed which where capable of producing a valuation for a car and very few where able to do so with just the registration mark and mileage so the website quickly became a success.

This website also underwent many revisions to maximize the conversion of website visits to car purchases and eventually became an important source of income for its owners, even during the Financial crisis of 2007-2010 which affected the automotive industry hard.

The visual style and formatting of the system was created Craig Robson.

Technical Brief

This website was written in classic ASP due to the clients requirements. It makes use of a SOAP interface to a third party to identify vehicles and recover key information from the DVLA. Vehicles are almost always matched against data held in the CAP database which is often used as part of manually valuing a vehicle. Automatic valuations are regularly changed as market conditions change and can be quite complex pulling on many data sources.

Much of this website is not generally accessible to all as much of the system is dedicated to allowing the site owners to value and purchase vehicles.

Website Features

To a car owner Best Car Buyer is quite simple. 6 pages explain in detail what the website can offer, provide contact information and testimonials. A short video was also created in an effort to further reassure and explain the service to visitors.

Each page contains a form which simply asks the visitor to provide his registration mark and mileage to start the valuation process. Once a valid Registration and mileage has been submitted they are asked a series of simple questions to help more accurately value the car and then for some contact details.

Should someone complete these forms they will be given an instant valuation generated by the system where they will be invited to accept or decline the offer.

However the owners of the website spend much of their time monitoring the website via the administration module which gives them real time information about the cars being valued by the service.

With the exception of the admin home page which displays status information about recent valuations the rest of the system is broken up into categories. Some of the categories are handled automatically by the system as people progress through a valuation process while others simply exist to help staff logically group vehicles together during the purchase process.

A staff member is able to view a valuation profile page which contains all available information from the CAP database, DVLA and any information provided by the owner. It also allows the staff to send a manual valuation.

Each valuation generated by the system is associated with a security key, usually found at the bottom of a valuation. This key can be used by the site owners to confirm that valuation details are correct and have not been modified by the recipient.