The Car Bank

Image of the Car Bank's homepage


Car Bank is another online showroom based upon car dealer websites we've written in the past. The Car Bank specializes in car finance and often changes its finance packages regularly depending on the deals available to them. In the past the website has offered Interest Free Finance whereas today the Car Bank can offer low rate finance and pay £1,000 towards any car advertised on the site.

Car Bank's visual theme was designed by Craig Robson.

Technical Brief

This website uses Classic ASP with an MS SQL Server for storing its data. Cars added to the site are identified by their registration mark and automatically imported into the site once identified in the CAP database.

Website Features

This website boasts most of the common features found on the other online showroom's we've developed. The website also attempts to guide users around by suggesting vehicles and allowing visitors to see the cars which are the most popular with recent visitors.