A sample signature on the CV Database website

Example of the form which accepts the customer's signature.

A sample of a search result

Example of a search for a candidate within 10 miles of a location.


CV Search & CV Database provides a service to advertise CV's and Jobs online. The site owners provide services which allow for information posted by potential candidates to be verified to a high degree of confidence. Both parties may search the system looking for jobs or candidates within their region.

Blue Fusion IT loosely based this site on the WASP CMS for the majority of the site and asked us to interface with Sage Pay's card payment service, implement post code based distance searches, take a signature from the customer and generally help with building the site.

Technical Brief

This website is only very loosley based on the WASP CMS by Blue Fusion IT, written in PHP and using a MySQL database to hold Job and Candidate data.

Sage Pay's XSLT interface was customised to match the CV Search website and the search system built by Blue Fusion was extended to calculate the distance between post codes and return results based upon a distance selected by the user.

A Java applet was also created which would allow a user to provide a signature and submit it via a form to the server.

Website Features

This website collects and verifies information from employers, potential employee's or contractors and attempts to match the two parties. The site owners aim to provide the most accurate information possible even verifying qualifications of their candidates.

Accurate Post Code based distance searches are essential for search results to be of value to both employers and candidates.

For legal reasons a signature has to be collected from a customer before verification of some details can be undertaken. While it would be possible to upload a scan of a customers signature it was believed that this would cause an obstruction for many users who did not have a digital image of their signature or a scanner available to create one.

It was decided that it would be acceptable if the user where able to provide their signature via the website using the mouse and so a Java Applet was created which would allow a user to draw their signature using the mouse and submit a GIF image to the server.