Web directory home page


This directory site is still under development and will be used as a foundation for creating websites similar in nature. The directory is almost identical to the most common web directories on the internet. It allows free links to be posted, express review, featured links and sites submitted with a back link. The site uses paypal and the Instant Payment Notification to take payments for express review and featured link subscriptions.

Technical Brief

This website was written in PHP and uses MySQL to store categories, information on sites and the links. The site also automatically validates links by calling upon a number of internet resources and directly checking sites submitted to the directory. Payments are submitted to paypal directly and subscriptions are handled automatically.

Website Features

This directory will automatically validate sites and links as they are submitted. It checks against Google's safe navigation database, checks the content of the target site, etc... Subscriptions for featured placements on the website are handled automatically and should a subscriber decide to stop advertising in the directory he/she need only cancel their payments and the directory will respond accordingly.
Whie the directory is still tecnically under development it has been sent live and is ready to use. The software and its configuration will be regularly updated over the following weeks / months.