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Free Car Valuations provides free mileage adjusted valuations for UK Car owners from just the car's registration mark and mileage.
The valuation is loosely based upon CAP Valuation data and uses our existing software for resolving vehicle identities from the registration.
Due to licensing restrictions the exact trade value of the vehicle derivative is not shown.
The owners of this website are also able to make underwritten offers for cars posted should the owner be looking to sell their car. This system is based upon the platforms built for Car Arena

Technical Brief

This website was built using PHP and uses a MySQL database to store its data. The Website makes calls to a vehicle identity service via SOAP to convert registration's into Cap identities and discover key DVLA data.

Website Features

This is a popular website empowers UK car owners with a rough idea of the market value of their car and gives the owner the opportunity to sell their car once they have obtained their valuation. The site owners have an administration system which is very similar to Car Arena's members system.