Motor Depot - Car Supermarket

Image of the Scunthorpe showrrom
An example of the vehicle profile page

A typical car profile page from Motor Depot's site.

An example of the vehicle bulk editor page

Example of an admin tool used to edit cars enmass.


Motor Depot is is East Yorkshire's premier Car Supermarket, their website is a large complex online car showroom designed to advertise Motor Depot's stock and generate enquiries. It is also used by the staff as the primary point of reference for any car within the company. Motor Depot's site obtains its data from a number of sources including a dealer management system used by Motor Depot and formatted files from their suppliers.

Visitors to the site are able to search for the car they are interested in by Manufacturer, Model, Price, Fuel type, Transmission, car location or via a free text query. Each search result will also allow the user to drill down to the derivatives available.

Each car on the site has its own profile page where a number of photographs can be accessed, technical details of the car, make use of a finance calculator and request more information by posting an enquiry. Users may also add cars to a favourite list and complete an online finance proposal.

Within the admin module staff may control homepage cars, tweak many of the SEO options available on the site, view posted enquiries and edit vehicle data.

The visual design of the website was created by Craig Robson

Technical Brief

This website was written in Classic ASP due technical constraints and uses an MS SQL server to store data. SOAP requests are made to a 3rd party to identify vehicles and Crystal Reports is used to generate reports for staff. Many small WSH scripts exist to feed data to 3rd parties for advertising. The site also distributes vehicle data to satellite sites designed to target specific areas of the market which are also based on the software created for the motor depot website.

Website Features

This is a feature rich website that is continually redeveloped and restyled in an effort to maximize its potential and dominate the Car Suparmket SERP's for the area. The website has the ability to suggest vehicles to visitors that they may be interested in, automatically promote highly popular vehicles for the time, display customized message created by staff for most common search results.

The website contains a heavy amount of technical SEO optimization to target desired keywords on every page accurately, even on generated pages, via white hat methods to great effect with such a limited search engine confidence and limited active SEO optimisation.

This site is also capable of showing very large amounts of technical data about a vehicle, calculate the road fund licence, determine the insurance group for a vehicle and quote HP finance at Motor Depot's standard interest rate.

The website regularly allows visitors to search through some 3,000 active cars from a total of over 40,000 cars held for reference by the staff and each showroom has its own information page with a 360 degree view of the interior of the showroom.