Motor Link's homepage


Motor Link is another car buying service originally intended for the exclusive use of Auotrader customers. The website provides private car owners the facility to obtain offers for their vehicles from the motor trade. Once a vehicle has been posted the system is able to generate an offer for the vehicle based upon what the owners of Motor Link know they can sell the car for or a member of staff is alerted and asked to find a value for the vehicle manually, should the owner of the vehicle accept motor link collect the vehicle and make payment to the owner.

The visual design of the website was created by Craig Robson

Technical Brief

Motor Link is based upon other car buying systems we have developed in the past. It is written in Classic ASP and uses an MS SQL Server for storing its data. The system also uses a SOAP service for identifying vehicles by their registration and generating estimates of the vehicle's value for the staff administering the site.

Website Features

This website collects information about a vehicle from the owner via a series of simple forms. Once completed the details are presented to the administrators of the site who then forward the information to parties who may be interested in the vehicle. The administration section of the site is much the same as Best Car Buyer's system with modifications to suit this variant of a car buying website