short-URL.co.uk is a small site which allows its users to convert very large URL's into shorter addresses for use in forums, chat rooms and emails. short-URL.co.uk differs from other sites by its retention policy. URL's are kept for a long period in the database if a referrer is found when someone uses the address.

This way links which can be found by other users on the internet are highly likely to be valid and regularly used links will remain active until they eventually fall out of use.

Technical Brief

This system uses PHP and MySQL. Links are generated by using a id assigned by the MySQL server and encoded to a custom made base 66 value.

Website Features

short-URL.co.uk is extremely compact to minimize bandwidth usage for the server and the amount of time it takes for the site to load in the browser. Anyone who follows a short link is redirected via HTTP headers directly to the target address. Again to limit bandwidth usage but also as a feature of the site as its uses prefer not to be taken to anywhere else but the target page.