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UK Car Imports homepage.


UK Used Car Imports is not much different from the other online car showrooms we've built in the past. In fact this website was based upon the code used to build Motor Depot's website and then customized to fit Malta's regulations and include the Vehicle Registration Taxes and Shipping charges due for any car imported into malta.

It is unusal for online car showrooms in Malta to quote prices for cars, let alone the ADT's Vehicle Registration Tax, as the Tax is often difficult to calculate and shipping charges may be variable. However it was decided that regardless of the complications Michael Attards website should include all costs when showing a price for a car and allow visitors to explore the cars which are avaialble by the amount they will cost to import.

The visual design of the website was created by Craig Robson

Technical Brief

This website was built in classic ASP and uses MS SQL Server as its data store. The website obtains tax information for a car by perfoming periodic lookup's to the ADT's website via an XML Http Request.

Website Features

This website was the first website in malta to overcome the complications of showing the total cost of importing a vehicle to Malta and allowing people to search for cars by their price.