Value any car is a text messaging service which provides customers with a valuation and an basic offer for their vehicle. The system will also direct customers to its website where they will be able to enter a pass phrase and complete some additional questions to receive an underwritten offer for their vehicle.

Technical Brief

This system is written in both PHP and Classic ASP and uses MySQL and MS SQL Server to store its data. It makes use of an SMS to internet gateway provider in order to send and receive SMS messages. NVP are used to receive messages via HTTP and SOAP used to send the response back to the customer.

Website Features

This is a two part system, one which serves SMS text messages on demand to customers who have sent in their registration. The SMS system responds with a valuation for the car and an offer. Attached to the SMS is a password and instructions to goto the value any car website if they want to sell their car for the amount offered.

The second part of the system is the website which collects further information from the customer and ensures that the basic valuation sent via SMS was accurate. The website will give them a guaranteed underwrite. Should the owner accept the underwrite details are forwarded to a team who will arrange collection of the vehicle and payment to the current owner.