Importing your data

You may import your data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Delimited Text Files, FoxPro databases and HTML tables.

To import your contact details type the path of the file in to the text control on Recipients form or double click on the text control or click browse to navigate to the file.

Once you have located the file click on OK or press enter within the file open dialog or in the text control on the recipients form to start the import.

The delivery label printer will first attempt to automatically detect how your information is organized and import all your data for you. If it is not able to detect where your data is within the file a new window will open asking you to select the table / sheet your details are held in.

Simply click on the name of the sheet / table which holds your contact details and click Ok.

Next the delivery label printer will attempt to detect what each column holds by comparing the first row or the name of the column against a list of commonly used names. If the label printer finds enough matches to build an address label it will start importing contact details and take you back to the main window. If, however, not enough information can be collected a new window will open asking you to identify each field so it may continue.

Simply use the list boxes at the top of the grid to set the correct field name and then click Ok.

If you find that some or all of your contact details are missing from the grid in the main window this is because the delivery label printer was not able to process the contact information correctly and simply skipped over it.

If you find the automatic import has incorrectly detected your fields or has not detected all information available in the file click on the Manual Import button in the recipients form to correct the import.

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