Delivery Label Printer README

Installation Notes:

The delivery label printer was built using Microsoft's .Net 2.0 platform, which itself may require additional software to be installed on your computer.

Should you experience any other issues during installation please fully update your computer using Windows Update


If no printers are installed on your system the application will not enable the print buttons.

Installing and then immediately reinstalling the software may cause your license key to become temporarily disabled, should this happen please wait at least 10 minutes before retrying your license key.
You can find license keys for your software by logging into your account on our website.
You may also find that after running the repair routine in the installer that you will be asked for the license key the next time the application starts.

You may also see notifications from windows firewall as the software starts, this is caused by the application checking for updates and it is recommened that you allow the software to occasionally complete the check.