Selecting your stationary

Before you start printing your labels you must tell the delivery label printer what type of stationary you are using.

The delivery label printer has had over 1,700 commonly used label sizes pre-loaded into its database and covers everything from Envelops to Address Labels to CD Covers. However it is not itself a complete list of every type of label stationary available.

If you have the product code and brand name of the stationary to hand use the two drop down list boxes in Print Settings to locate the settings for your stationary, if you cannot find a matching label then click Edit to create a new stationary type.

Creating new labels

If your stationary is not known to the label printer you can quickly and easily add new stationary types to the database.

To create a new stationary type you will need the sizes of the following:

Label Diagram

All of these values can often be found printed on the side of the packaging or on a sheet within the pack.

To create your new entry click on New Label and enter a name in the Brand & Type drop down lists. Then fill in each of the fields within the Dimensions form as appropriate and click Ok or Apply.

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