Bespoke Software Development Services

It is often the case that off the shelf software only provides something of a solution to a problem and often falls far short of being ideal. It is also common to find that pre-packaged software demands that you change the way you operate to meet the needs of the software or force extra work upon yourself and your staff. Many businesses also find the software they need simply does not exist or is incredibly expensive and still only provides part of the solution.
It is in these situations that Bespoke Software, tailor made to your requirements, can provide a complete solution for your business, replacing or eliminating the limitations of your current software.

tc software has a long history of Application Software Development for use on corporate networks and over the internet. All of our projects are developed and maintained to the highest standards by experienced UK developers on the Windows, Linux and Android platforms. We work with a vast array of current and legacy languages (including C, C++, C#, VB(A) and Java) and regularly make use of Microsoft's SQL Server, MySQL and Crystal Reports.

Client-Server / Multi-Tier applications

Bespoke Client-Server applications are the mainstay software of many business around the world. These applications make the most of your existing system while streamlining your business and improving efficiency. Client-Server Applications make full use of every computer running the application, enforcing business logic in user friendly and intuitive desktop client applications.
These types of applications are best suited to systems which will be used heavily by your staff. The desktop interfaces allow for rapid, complex user input and, as processing is distributed across all your systems, applications of this type are often far more responsive than Web Applications or Access Applications.

Today, with the Internet, Client-Server / Multi-Tier applications are no longer confined to your corporate network and can help your entire organization work harmoniously. Data and Information from one part of your organization can be made available to any other part in real time regardless of where they are in the world.


Before development on any project beings we will issue you with a quote for the project. The quote is made up of the costs of developing the software to specification and the amount of time it will take our developers to write your software (currently charged at £45 per hour). A minimum charge of £630 for any project applies.
Large projects spanning many months to complete may be required to make a deposit and regular instalments during development.

If you are interested in developing an application or would like more information please feel free to contact us