Legacy System maintenance, migration and repair

The life span of custom software is much longer than that of an 'off the shelf' solution and it is not uncommon for bespoke software to still be in use more than 10 years after it was originally created. The longevity of this type of software is appealing but can be problematic

As new platforms and technologies arrive you may find that your application is no longer compatible, finding people with the experience and skills needed to maintain the system becomes harder and should a fault be discovered or your data becomes corrupt if the original developers are not at hand the software could become unusable.

We have been writing application software for a very long time on many different platforms and may be able to help breath some life back into your old system.

We can build and install computers that would have been current at the time your software was written, renew software (if you have access to the source code) to bring it into line with today's standards, resolve faults and recover data.

We can sometimes even patch over problems of ailing systems with no source code until a more permanent solution is developed.

If you do depend on a legacy system which has developed a fault, needs renewing or completely rewriting please feel free to Contact us