Web Development and Web Design

Our aim is to deliver the best possible websites / web applications for SMEs throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region. An online presence today, is in many cases, as important to a business as its shop floor. Using an existing framework built to deliver the most technically advanced and flexible software we believe we can take your idea and make it a reality for a price you can afford and at quality rarely seen.

Web Design

We understand that the look and feel of your website is one of the most important aspects to be considered. A poorly designed website can see a potential customer leaving before they have even read anything about your business.

We strive to provide the most interesting and appropriate designs for each new project but we never limit ourselves to designing everything in house. For each project a decision is made on who is best to develop the visual design of the website which will suit the need of our client and we can call upon a large number of dedicated designers who can style your site exactly how you would want it. This can be seen on our Portfolio page.

All our websites comply with relevant standards.

Online Security

Our websites pack a powerful security package designed to protect from every attack it may ever face. Our sites and applications support HTTPS where available) but even without this our framework will disable common attacks such as SQL Injects when initially sent to the website and if the website attempts to store the information. Our framework will even check, when appropriate, that the person posting an enquiry is not a known spammer, a compromised computer or known hacker by cross checking DNS Black Lists

Even users logging onto the system face rigorous security checks which are carried out automatically. Logged on users have their IP addresses and their browser identity checked every time, sometimes several times, per page load to guard against session hijacking

Your user passwords are stored using both salted SHA-1 and MD5 hashing algorithms making them almost impossible to break. So even if an attacker makes it through to where your data is stored it is unlikely to be of any use to them.

Your customer data is also encrypted


Key Features:

  • Encrypted customer and user data
  • Secure password recovery process
  • Support for HTTPS
  • Common attacks automatically disabled
  • Blacklisted IP's prevented from disrupting your site


Even the most basic sites built using our framework will inherit many features and tools.

For example: On occasions you may find customer email enquires that you are unable to respond to, this is because the email address they have supplies is incorrect. Our system offers the unique ability to verify the email address, upon submission to your website, Thereby saving you valuable time in responding.

All Enquiry sent from your website is stored in the enquiry system. The system will email you a copy of the enquiry if you wish or you may simply log into the website and view all enquiries posted from the administration module.

Any email sent from the website can contain a number of attachments and, more importantly, be used to HTML messages which do not need to load images from your web server thereby not raising a security message in your customer's / users mail client when they open the message.

If this isn't enough, all pages on your website will send a full set of the correct HTTP headers to both search engines and browsers. Not only does this help with your websites SEO but it also cuts down on unnecessary traffic to your server which can waste resources and bandwidth. This means pages will load faster for your users. URL Rewriting is also a standard feature.

Should you find any of the above are causing a problem you only need go to the website settings page and disable the feature. Each site based on the framework stores all settings in a format which can be easily edited by the owner.


Key Features:

  • Email addresses validated before posted.
  • All enquiries stored on your site
  • Correct HTTP Headers to assist load times and search engines
  • Full multipart emails supporting attachments
  • Heavily customizable

If you are interested in having a website designed and developed to your specifications please feel free to contact us