There are many reasons why you’ve got a lot of unwanted cardboards lying around your home. Perhaps you have recently moved into your new home. Perhaps you’re also a victim of late-night online shopping deals.  

Well, it does not matter. You’ll still have to get rid of them. Unfortunately, there are limited ways when it comes to getting rid of cardboards in a proper manner. It isn’t responsible to simply throw away the cardboard. It is harmful to the environment and adds to the growing issue in landfills.  

As cardboard breaks down in a landfill, it will release a chemical called Methane into the air. This will add to our pollution problem. So, how can you properly get rid of your cardboard? Aside from hiring a junk removal Spokane company, here are other things to consider: 

Recycling the Cardboard 

Usually, it’s extremely easy to recycle your cardboard. This is particularly true if it is still in its original clean and dry condition and has not been soiled. The guidelines on which you can recycle the cardboard differ from one state to another.  

You will want to look up to the recycling regulations of your particular area. This will help you determine how much cardboard you can recycle every week and how you need to break them down in order for them to be accepted. On a lot of occasions, you might not be able to remove all of your cardboard in a single week. 

Composting the Cardboard 

Are you left with a lot of cardboard after moving in? Did you order a lot of pizzas? Perhaps you love ordering items online and you’re left with a lot of cardboard. It does not matter. There is a high possibility that the cardboard lying around your house is considered soiled.  

If you’ve got soiled cardboard and you want to recycle them, there’s a high possibility that the recycling center will not accept them. Even if they do accept them, this form of cardboard can greatly ruin a whole bundle of cardboard and make it impossible for it all to be remade into new products.  

Composting cardboards has become very well-known since it’s a sure-fire approach to getting rid of your cardboard without harming the environment. In addition to that, you can also use them to make great things, such as vegetable gardens. 

Evaluating the Cardboard’s Condition 

It might not appear relevant where the cardboard came from when it comes to choosing between using cardboard for recycling or composting. Unfortunately, that is not the case.  

Determining whether you should recycle or compost your cardboard greatly involves the cardboard’s condition. The best option for you is to recycle your cardboard. However, you’ve got to ensure that it is in the right condition for it to be accepted.  

Of course, you can always compost. However, what if you don’t have space in your home? Luckily, a junk removal company can help. All you’ve got to do is to hire a reliable junk removal company and they will address your problem.