Terms of service


All software developed by tc software on our site is only available by electronic delivery over the Internet. License permitting you may freely download as many copies of your software as you deem necessary and store the files in any way you wish. In general licenses to use our software are valid for as long as you wish to use the product however restrictions may apply and you should check the applicable End User License Agreement.
Additional restrictions (for example license duration or installation terms) will also be detailed on the product page.

Note: Under certain conditions it is possible for our licensing servers to not approve installations and prevent you using your software or to re-request your license key. This is entirely an automatic process and designed to prevent copyright infringement of our software. Should you find that the licensing system will not allow you to install and/or use the software despite holding a valid license please contact us to resolve the issue.
If the software is requesting your license key you will find your license key on your invoice or by logging into your account. Should the software repetitively request your license key on a regular basis please contact us

Returns & Refunds

We always provide a comprehensively featured demo version of our software freely available to download so that you may try before you buy, however, if after purchasing our software you are not completely satisfied you may request a refund in full within the first 7 days after installing the software irrespective of the purchase date.
Please note, should a refund for your purchase be issued the installed product will no longer function and you are required to uninstall the software. Should you wish to request a refund for your purchase please contact us via the contact us page