Spring is an excellent time in the United States since the weather gets warmer. People will begin to set up their patio again. Obviously, there will still be occasional snowfall and cold spells. However, during the spring, the sun is out most and it’s getting warmer.  

You’re probably planning to do some renovation on your yard setup and landscape to produce an ideal relaxation spot during the summer. A wise move is to plant a couple of blooming trees this Spring. These elegant trees can generate the ideal oasis for you this year and make your home stand out.  

Before you hire a professional Cincinnati tree services company, here are a couple of trees that you should consider planting this spring: 

Japanese Tree Lilac Trees 

Lilac trees typically bloom late spring or early summer. They’ve got fragrant and beautiful off-white or white flowers. These trees are excellent since they do great in full or direct sunlight with moist and average soil. One thing to know is that these trees cannot thrive in dry ground. However, overall, a Japanese lilac tree requires little-to-no maintenance. They grow even in pollution. If you want to shape them, all you need is a bit of pruning.  

Princess Kay Plum Trees 

Usually, the princess kay plum trees bloom late in the winter or early in the Spring. You will easily notice a huge contrast with their black bark and fragrant white flowers. You can plant them in direct sunlight so that they are not drowning in standing water. When mature, this tree will not grow tall. Thus, you can safely plant them under power lines. This tree is also extremely strong. They are one of the most commonly planted trees in the United States. They do well in pollution. The leaves will transform into bright yellow whenever the seasons change and Autumn arrives. This will add a nice touch of Fall to your home.  

Hawthorn Trees 

If you’re searching for a couple of varieties with your plants that will bloom at various times, then a Hawthorn tree can be an excellent addition to your property. Hawthorn trees bloom between early summer and late spring. They’re pretty adaptable. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t plant them in direct sunlight because they prefer to be in the shade. They will survive in full or partial shade. Hawthorn trees don’t grow extremely tall. Thus, they’re the best solution for smaller lawns. They’ve got elegant white, red, and pink flowers that will make an excellent addition to your property.  

Crabapple Trees 

Crabapple trees grow extremely well in moist soils and direct sunlight. Because of this, they’re extremely tough and extremely tolerant of the urban environment. Furthermore, this tree can easily handle pollution. Thus, you can plant them in any type of soil. Crabapples bloom late in May and they’ve got great colors. This includes white, crimson, and pink. In addition to that, these trees bear fruit that you and your loved ones can eat. Though you can plant this tree almost anywhere, you’ve got to strategically place it to avoid any issues.